Nepal Supreme Arabica Washed Whole Coffee Beans Medium Roasted Mount Everest


The 75-hectare Gauribesi Farm, 75km north of Kathmandu, lies at an altitude of 900m above sea level. In 1996 the farm reforested former rice fields, with mixed planting of taller growing shade trees and Caturra coffee bushes. This has dramatically increased the diversification of wildlife, for bird life, civets, deer, even leopards as well as migratory and non-migratory birds. The National Tea and Coffee Development Board was established in 1993 for the development of the coffee sector. In 1994, Nepal made its first coffee export to Japan, producing just under 13 tonnes of green beans. By the 2001/02 season production reached just under 140 tonnes. Currently it stands at just under 355 tonnes, 2021/22 season, down from the record of 530 tonnes in 2018/19. It is still a rare commodity and obviously carries a high price tag, but it really is a lovely coffee. It has a light acidity, with a soft and smooth body. Medium roasted it produces a well-balanced cup, almost quite floral. The naturally grown cherries and beans are washed on site by Himalayan glacial water. 

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