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African Orthodox leaved teas are quite uncommon relative to the international trade in tea, virtually all African teas are CTC or Fannings, so we are delighted to have back in stock this lovely Kenya Kaproret tea. It is a second flush from the highland plantation of Kaproret, in the district of Kericho on the edge of the South-western Mau National Reserve.

The tea bushes are from Chinese hybrids of Camellia sinensis, these second flush plucked leaves have some striking, golden brown tips and a slightly flowery flavour, producing a bright orange coloured cup and a strong malty taste.

Most tea grown in Kenya comes from this Rift Valley Highland and Kenya is ranked third behind China and India in tea production, producing 444.8 million Kg in 2014. This rare Orthodox leaf is so small that yields are far less than demand so we are genuinely pleased to have it again. To make this tea I recommend that it should be infused for at least five minutes at a temperature of 100o C, this is a guideline and feel free to adjust to suit personal taste. It takes milk well but that is again personal.

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