Kenya Peaberry Zawadi Coffee Medium Roasted For Superb Flavour Famous Coffee


This unusual Peaberry bean, also known as Caracoli (from the Spanish caracol for snail), is a mixture of selected Peaberries from the Kanandi and Ndia-Ini coffee factories in Central Kenya. Kimandi is situated in the village of the same name, close to Kabare town. Ndia-Ini lies 5 km from Mukurwe-Ini and uses fresh water from the Gikira river for processing. The word Zawadi means ‘Gift’ in the local Kiswahili language. The cherries are harvested between October and February from SL28 Varietal plants, this is one of the most popular Kenya coffee varieties. The coffee scores a good 84 with the SCA. From a grower’s point of view the bush only produces half as much coffee, one bean not two, and there is no way of telling by looking at the cherry whether it is a single or a double bean. They have to be painstakingly hand sorted with a special sieve and although this obviously increases the price, Peaberry devotees feel the premium is worth it.

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