Kenya Acacias AA Grade Coffee Beans Dark Roasted Superb Flavour High Quality


This washed coffee comes from what was originally called the Central Province, changed since 2013 to a system of counties. The Central Province is still often referred to as such due the fame of its quality coffees. The cherries are handpicked to ensure perfect ripeness. They are then delivered to the wet mill on the same day to ensure no uncontrolled fermentation occurs. The cherries are given a final sorting before being pulped. The beans are then soaked in tanks of clean water for an additional 8-16 hours bringing extra clarity to the cup, before being sun dried. This extra soaking is a typical ‘Kenyan Style’. Once dried, cuppers select the specific bean size and cup attributes before bagging, these beans are then further processed to remove the parchment and re-bagged for export.

Cupping notes; Blackcurrant, Butterscotch and Juicy Lime. Scores 84.75 with the SCA.

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