Japanese Sencha Yamato Great Harmony Loose Leaf Healthy Green Tea Well Rounded


The name Yamato referred originally to an old province now in Nara Prefecture and was for a long time the name for Japan. It translates as Great Harmony 大和 and as such is a perfect name for this wonderful Sencha tea. This is a late season Sencha where the leaves have taken on more strength from the summer’s growth.

I made this tea with cooler water than normal, 70oC, to see what the effect would taste like on a late flush Sencha, although I allowed it to brew for a full two minutes. A dear friend called whilst I was preparing this tea, so he was allowed the first tasting, he immediately found the maritime, seaweed flavour, typical of a good Japanese Sencha and pronounced it as being exceedingly well rounded. Again, Great Harmony. Simon is a leading connoisseur on all matter's relating to food and drink and he really appreciated this tea.

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