Japanese Sencha Sakura Loose Leaf Green Tea Healthy Wonderful Cherry Flavour And Aroma


A wonderful new tea. High grade Sencha leaves are mixed with Chinese Rose Petals and then natural sweet cherry flavour is added.  Sakura is the Japanese word for Flowering Cherry. This has a slightly sweeter taste and aroma to the more readily available wild cherry. It really is a most unusual green tea. The aroma of this tea is fabulous and makes a remarkably refreshing drink. A good source of vitamin C as the tea and the flavouring both contain high amounts. Japanese tea is also very low in theine. This is a good tea to drink after a meal. Even if you are not a big fan of Japanese Sencha I am sure you will enjoy this agreeable brew. I use hot not boiling water and steeped for only two or three minutes, adapt this advice to suit your personal preferences. You can re-infuse these leaves a couple of times although you will need to adjust brewing time.

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