Japanese Sencha Genmai Cha Loose Leaf Sencha Green Tea Traditional Specialty Tea


This is a speciality Japanese green tea called Genmai Cha, which translates into ‘brown rice’ tea. It is also occasionally known as Popcorn Tea in the West. It is usually made from Bancha leaves to which roasted or popped rice grains have been added. Genmai cha was originally drunk by poor Japanese, as the rice served as a filler to reduce the price of the tea, which is why it is also known as the people's tea. It produces an attractive pale green liquor that is usually drunk in Japan in the afternoon, although its low caffeine content means it can be enjoyed any time of the day. It goes without saying that this tea tastes fantastic with Japanese food.  I use hot 70oC - 80oC water and only infuse for a couple of minutes but you can get many infusions from this traditional Japanese speciality.

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