Japanese Sencha Fukujya Orange Pekoe Loose Leaf Green Tea A Perfect Taste Of Japan Traditional


This must be the best known of all Japanese green teas. This tea comes to us from Shizuoka on the slopes of Fujiyama. The area produces most of the finest Japanese teas. The tea bushes are grown in full sun and harvested in the autumn. The freshly picked leaves are immediately steamed to kill off all enzymes. Sencha teas are bright green when brewed and have a pronounced astringency, due to their high ascorbic acid content.

The OP refers to the leaves being still whole and stands for Orange Pekoe. You will also find this tea spelt in English as Fukujyu and occasionally Fukujyo, all three would be correct and apparently means Green Spider Leg.

Matsucha or Matcha uji, (froth of liquid jade) is the tea used for the tea ceremony, and only comes from shaded bushes; the leaves are dried and then ground into a fine powder.

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