Japanese Matcha Honoka Shizuokz Prefecture Green Tea Ceremonial Quality


This famous Japanese tea powder comes from Shizuoka, renowned for their organic tea cultivation. The main ‘variety’ grown in here is the Yabukita cultivar, where it was first developed in 1908. This cultivar grows in 75% of all Japanese tea gardens, and accounts for 95% in Shizuoka gardens. Although it wasn’t until 1953 that it was first registered at the Japanese Tea Industry Laboratory, initially as Cultivar number 6, What makes it ubiquitous is the plants resistance to cold weather, it propagates easily by cuttings, will grow in virtually any soil conditions, and its leaves have a strong aroma plus and excellent flavour. This is a ceremonial grade Matcha made from naturally grown Gyokuro and is finely ground on granite stone mills. To make a Matcha Latte, take 1 teaspoon of the Matcha powder, plus an optional 2 teaspoons of sugar and mix into 3 teaspoons of warm water with a whisk until you have a smooth dark green paste, then add 300ml of hot milk and keep whisking until it becomes a light green colour.

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