Japanese Matcha Genmai Cha Wazuka-Cho Kyoto Prefecture Green Tea Highest Quality


This tea has come directly from Wazuka-Cho, among tea growing areas this one is famous for its high quality tea.  It is a town in the Kyoto Prefecture. This tea is a perfectly balanced combination of highest quality first harvest Sencha Matcha powder and roasted and puffed brown rice. The Matcha powder coats the Sencha leaves and rice of the Genmai Cha, adding a fresh and mellow taste, it is full flavoured and smooth. It produces a light lime green colour similar to a Gyokuro. The Genmai Cha used in this fantastic and traditional Japanese blend is of the highest standard, and somehow produces a slightly sweet spiciness. I steeped this tea for only two minutes for the first infusion and I brewed it at 75oC. I repeated this for the second infusion and it was just as gorgeous, the scent is wonderful, full of the aroma of popped corn, tasting mild with little or no astringency. According to Helen it has a very bright taste.

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