Japanese Bancha Natural Loose Leaf Green Tea Everyday Tea Rare Outside Japan


This Bancha is produced from quite large leaves taken from the lower shoots. In a Chinese plucking they would be referred to as Pouchong. These lower leaves are rich in stored minerals but comparatively low in caffeine, as such it is said to be a classical everyday tea and is often drunk with meals. Apparently in comparison with Gyokuro tea this Bancha has 70% less caffeine. We are delighted to have come across this naturally grown green Bancha, no artificial fertilisers, no pesticides, and no herbicides, and are delighted to be able to offer it to our more discerning Japanese tea drinkers.

The tea is best brewed with water that is fresh but not boiling, approximately 80°C, for roughly three to four minutes depending on personal preference and which infusion it is.

As with all green teas, the leaves can be re-infused three or four times, adjusting brewing time accordingly. I absolutely loved this tea and feel it may well become my 'every-day' tea.

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