Indian Mysore Plantation AB Medium Dark Roasted Whole Coffee Beans Full Flavour Excellent Coffee


Plantation A is the highest normal grade of wet-processed Indian Arabica coffee based on bean size and absence of visual defects. Plantation when referring to Mysore coffee has come to mean ‘wet-processed’, with ‘dry-processed’ referred to as Cherry Arabica. To earn the A grade, beans must be between 16 and 17 screen size and imperfections limited to 2%. This AB grade is a slightly less expensive grade and is often used for high quality blends, but I feel is good enough to be drunk unblended. This is a shade grown coffee, hand-picked and then sun dried. Grown on the slopes of the Blue Mountain in Nilgiri, South India, in the State of Karnataka formerly known as Mysore. Roughly, 80% of Indian coffee comes from Karnataka, virtually all of it sold under the name Indian Mysore.

It is said, "The trees come from the plants originally cultivated by a pilgrim called Baba Budan. The famous "Monsoon Malabar" originates from this bean.

Full flavoured with a velvety texture and a natural sweetness of its own. A good Indian Mysore is sweet a medium to full body and a subtle, rich flavour complemented by a medium acidity.

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