Indian Monsooned Malabar Allana Medium Roast Whole Coffee Beans Good Strong Flavour


Starting life as a Southern Indian Mysore this bean has been washed and dried by monsoon winds and rains for six to eight weeks. This 'ages' the coffee giving it a unique and intense flavour.

This is a medium roasted coffee and has a wonderfully mellow taste. Usually we roast these beans to an oily dark roast and this gives them a significant strength, but not everyone likes their coffee as strong as I do so we have given you the choice. The plantation responsible for these beans is Allana. In India the coffee is generally grown in small sized plantations, usually family owned, and then graded at a central exporter.

The AA grade is the highest, denoted uniform size and quality. Once graded the plantation or family name is then written on the sack and it is ready for export. 

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