Indian Allana Tiger Stripes Espresso Blend Dark Roasted Coffee Good And Strong Not Bitter


This lovely dark roast coffee does indeed make an excellent espresso and a wonderful cafetiere cup of coffee. It has good depth and an almost earthy taste, in a good way, and yet is not bitter like some strong coffees.
The Allana Co-operative is one of the biggest green bean exporters in India, they are based in Karnataka state, where 70% of Indian coffee is produced.
This blend is blended by Allana and incorporates washed Arabica, Monsooned beans and a small proportion of Robusta, keeping it true to the ‘original’ espresso recipe. The in-house cup-tasting facility have selected an exceptionally balanced blend which is why we chose to put it into stock. We do not usually sell blends but I think you will agree, this Allana Tiger Stripes is definitely a worthy addition.

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