Indian Allana Det Kaphi NEVER SLEEP Dark Roasted Whole Coffee Beans Robusta


Det Kãphi (Death Coffee in Kannada). Kannada is the official language of 38 million native speakers from Karnataka which is where this coffee comes from. We have chosen another ‘dreaded’ Robusta bean, to go alongside our Vietnamese Tu Than Ca Phe, mainly because of how well it sells. As a result of my timeline being inundated by offers of the ‘World’s strongest coffee’, and ‘A coffee to crush your cranium’, and ‘Charles Bronson and Bruce Willis Favourite Coffee’ plus many more all in BLACK packaging with pictures of Skulls and Crossbones, you get the picture. So, in an attempt to jump onto this bandwagon, we present to you, ‘Allana Det Kãphi NEVER SLEEP Coffee’. However, ours comes in biodegradable Kraft paper, without even a picture of a Zombie or a wide-eyed bearded hipster in sight. However, what you do get is a Robusta Cherry bean, A Grade, Screen 17, Wet Polished, highest quality, green bean that we have roasted dark to increase the strength and bring out the flavour. I love this coffee; I’ve always enjoyed dark strong coffee, but this is great, admittedly not for the faint hearted (or indeed any heart condition) but boy it packs a punch. A can of Energy Drink that gives you wings weighs in at around 80mg Total Caffeine, a mug of Robusta is over 250mg Total Caffeine, so take care…

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