Formosa Choicest Fancy Silver Tip Oolong Extra High Quality Wonderful Afternoon Tea


This is a hand-processed Oolong that originates from around one thousand metres up in the mountains of Hsinchu County in north-western Taiwan. Silver Tips is one of the choicest, highest grade, and most refreshing teas available from Taiwan. Oolong teas are renowned for the refreshing qualities, requiring no additions such as milk or sugar. A small slice of lemon or perhaps even better orange or cumquat, this tea will impart a wonderful, relaxed feeling, leaving you at one with the world. Semi-fermented teas or Oolongs have become this islands speciality and are generally subtler than Chinese Oolongs. This Silver Tip Oolong is famous throughout the world. The leaves are picked unusually young - so young that the buds are still a downy white. It requires many days to manufacture by hand giving a beautiful, long twisted leaf.

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