Ethiopian Wild Forest Coffee Dark Roasted Whole Beans Very Special


  • ‘Wild’ coffee is a term to describe beans harvested from trees growing in the forest, with virtually no management of the surrounding forest or vegetation.
  • Only an estimated 5% of Ethiopia’s production is wild or as it’s called ‘Forest Coffee’, it is speculated that the actual amount may be as low as 1% or 2%.
  • Even this tiny amount is home to 98% of the world’s Coffea arabica gene pool.
  • In Panama in 2002 an exceptional coffee was found in Hacienda la Esmeralda, these bushes were genetically identified to plants growing near the Ethiopian town of Gesha.
  • Apparently a variety gathered by a British Diplomat in the 1930’s and cultivated in Panama in the 1960’s.In 2004 this ‘Geisha’ shattered the record price for coffee at auction,
  • This Wild Forest Coffee comes from the mostly uncharted territory of the Bench Maji Zone in the south-west of Ethiopia bordering South Sudan and is in conjunction with 'Wild Coffee Conservation through Participatory Forest Management project'. 
  • The coffee grows in a protected biosphere, which is farmed by local communities and is exported by them, instead of selling through internal markets.
  • Only 27 bags were imported into the U.K. and have all been snapped up.
  • We have chosen to have this dark roasted and it works well, a soft body but still good depth, good fruity acidity and a sort of smoky wine flavour.
  • I can see this becoming a definite favourite amongst coffee aficionados.
  • You will receive 90 grams of roasted coffee beans for £5.00. At 5 grams per Cafetière you should be able to make 18 to 36 cups, depending on cup size and personal taste. This works out at between twenty-seven pence and fourteen pence per cup.
  • At Gently Stirred every order is gift wrapped so if you're buying for a number of different people just add that information at checkout. 

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