Ethiopian Mocha Djimmah Grade 5 Coffee Beans Medium Roast Medium Strength


We have taken on this particular coffee as we had run out of our best-selling Fair Trade Mocha Djimmah. We only stock the highest, Grade 4 or Grade 5, Ethiopian coffees leaving the three lower grades to non-specialists and bulk coffee producers and consumers. It is always a case of getting what you pay for. This coffee scores 78 with the SCA. The same as our Fair Trade version this is a ‘Natural Unwashed’ from Heirloom varieties found growing endemically.  This coffee comes from the highlands of Djimmah and is auctioned in the capital Addis Ababa. It is harvested between October and January and is offered for sale from January onward. The cupping notes that accompany this coffee are “Juicy very berry flavoured with hints of mango and winey yet earthy undertones, moderate acidity and body”. We’ve roasted it to what we call an R8.

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