Ethiopian Limu Washed Grade 2 Whole Dark Coffee Beans Good Body Depth Flavour


A wonderful wet processed or washed coffee from what is considered to be second most prestigious origin for Ethiopia after Yirgacheffe.

Grades in Ethiopia are grouped in to four main categories, Grade 1 and G2 being the top two washed grades and Grade 3 and G4 being the top two in natural processed grades. This lovely Limu coffee is harvested between November and January. The cherries have the pulp removed with a de-pulper, before passing through a fermentation phase for 12 – 36 hours. Then the beans are washed in clean water and dried on traditional raised beds or occasionally patios. Ethiopian Limu offers a rich, fragrant, berry like aroma, well balanced and a full-bodied coffee. It has a floral taste and a wonderful aroma especially when first ground.

Limu coffee is grown at elevations ranging from 3,600 to 6,200 feet in southwest/south central Sidamo. I roasted this coffee deliberately a little darker than normal as I wanted to taste more body than winey flavour and I think it has worked out very well.

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