En Shi Yu Lu Organic Jade Dew Loose Leaf Green Top 10 Tea Traditional Gyokuro


This famous green tea is a unique steamed tea from En Shi City in Hubei. Originating from the Tang Dynasty (618-907) it was originally steamed after plucking, this technique was lost to the more prevalent pan-frying technique. In 1936 the steaming technique, similar to the Japanese method of production was reintroduced. This particular Organic version is steamed entirely by hand in bamboo baskets on hot days under the sun. After steaming the leaves are hand rolled length ways, this twisting action forces the cellular structure to break down so that more flavour can be released when brewing. The leaf appearance is similar to the Japanese Gyokuro Precious Dew. En Shi has its own subtropical mountain which is influenced by monsoon rains. The weather is moderate all year round, although usually foggy and rainy. Perfect for the tea bushes. En Shi Yu Lu has a rich selenium content an essential health-giving element.

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