Ecuador Galapagos Island Heirloom Coffee Freshly Roasted Whole Beans Supremely Rare


Grown on the Archipelago’s largest island of San Cristobel this Arabica Bourbon heirloom variety of coffee grows at an altitude of 500m on the side of the islands volcanic highlands. The coffee trees were first planted in 1875 from seeds originally from Ethiopia through Panama, with the intention of selling coffee to France. Unfortunately a gradual decline in the world-wide coffee industries requirement for high quality specialist product, the Hacienda was eventually abandoned as unprofitable. In 1990 the Gonzalez-Duche family purchased the unworked Hacienda El Cafetal and started production, the farm now produces between 2000 and 3000 45Kg sacks per year, from the same tree planted over 140 years ago.

The micro-climate produced by the Humboldt cold current and the warm Panama current, the equatorial sun and a plentiful supply of fresh lake water and generous rainy seasons help produce this wonderful tasting coffee. I would describe it as having an excellent balance of body and acidity, with a sweet intense aroma. Not a heavy or full body but would make an excellent after-dinner drink.

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