Dominican Republic Washed Barahona A Grade Whole Coffee Bean Dark Roast Well Rounded Coffee


Dominican Republic coffee is one of our most popular sellers. We sold out of our previous Dominican ‘Cibao Altura’, from the centre of the Island but we secured some Barahona from the southwest of the country. Dominica is a small world coffee producer, only 0.3% of the world market, ranking them 24th (2015) but generally it is of good quality and responds well to a dark roast, as it is full bodied with good strength and not at all bitter.
This Barahona is grown between 600 and 1,300 metres and the cherries are hand selected to guarantee the best coffee beans. The Arabica plants are mainly Typica although a small amount of Catuai and Caturra are also grown.
A measure of how good the coffee from Dominica is that under 20% of the national crop is exported, home consumption accounts for the majority. You will not be surprised to learn that poor quality coffee rapidly finds itself on the world market, to be snapped up by multi-nationals.

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