Costa Rica Zamorana San Isidro Alajuela Honey Process Whole Coffee Beans Medium Roast


This lovely coffee from Costa Rica has been grown by the Zamora family. For four generations and over 100 years the Cafetalera Zamorana Estate has been producing lovely coffee. Jorge Zamora and his five sons grow two varietals, Caturra and Catuai. These red cherries are hand-picked only when the cherries are at peak perfection. The cherries are then Honey Processed. The Estate is made up of ten farms dotted around the Central Valley surrounded by mountains and volcanoes making up the Central Range. The area provides ideal condition both in soil and climate. The coffee is grown between 1200 and 1700 meters. The Estate does its best to farm in a sustainable manner. Pulp left over from the processing is recycled as organic fertilizer and mulch. The water is naturally purified in special lagoons before being fed back into the rivers. I’m not usually a massive fan of Costa Rican coffee but this one I can highly recommend, slightly sweeter rather than typically acidic.

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