Papua New Guinea Highland Plantation AX Grade Whole Coffee Beans Excellent Medium Dark Roast Coffee


Papua has its own classification for beans, X, AX and previously Y, along with the more traditional AA and A grades. Grading in PNG is primarily defined by the cup qualities and then the maximum permitted defect count, and not necessarily by the size or bean shape. AX grade removes the smallest and the largest so ends up with a screen size of 14-17, this can lead to problems with roasting, smaller beans roast faster but looking at this batch the size is consistent with most beans being screen size 16-17. The beans are wet milled, pulped, fermented, washed and then sun-dried. The coffee is grown in small family owned gardens with around 1,200 trees per garden. These beans are from an area rather than a specific estate. This means that the coffee is usually great value whilst having good cupping characteristics. This batch is excellent, first-rate taste, body and strength; perfectly roasted even if I do say myself.

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