Kenya Safari Pekoe Fannings Number 1 Decaffeinated Wonderfully Rounded Traditional East African Tea - An Excellent Tea


  • This Kenya Black Tea is a Safari Pekoe Fannings 1 and represents about 58 – 60% of Kenya’s annual crop and forms the bulk of the production.
  • It is made up of black grainy particles slightly smaller in size than the BP1 grade. 

    The leaves are decaffeinated using High Pressure Extraction with ‘Overcritical’ CO2; this protects from oxidation and means that there is no unpleasant aftertaste.

  • We generally speaking don't sell Fannings, but this tea does have a particularly good flavour to it. (Fannings are the smallest grade of leaf, and are usually used in tea bags.)
  • The flavour is similar to an Assam and would no doubt blend very well with it.
  • This Safari PF1 produces a golden liquor with a full and fruity flavour.
  • Perfect as a morning tea with a drop of cold milk.
  • Prepare using one of our small Tea Balls, convenient and much better than Tea Bags. 
  • You will receive 70 grams of tea for £5.00

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