Kenya Safari Pekoe Fannings Number 1 Decaffeinated Wonderfully Rounded Traditional East African Tea - An Excellent Tea


This Safari Pekoe Fanning 1 represents about 58–60% of Kenya’s annual crop and forms the bulk of the production. It is made up of black grainy particles slightly smaller in size than the BP1 grade.

The leaves are decaffeinated using High Pressure Extraction with ‘Overcritical’ CO2; this protects from oxidation and means that there is no unpleasant aftertaste.

We generally speaking do not sell Fannings, but this tea does have a particularly good flavour to it. Fannings are the smallest grade of leaf and are usually used in tea bags.

The flavour is similar to an Assam and would no doubt blend very well with it. This Safari PF1 produces a golden liquor with a full and fruity flavour. Perfect as a morning tea with a drop of cold milk. Prepare using one of our small Tea Balls, perfect and much better than Tea Bags.

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