Indian Monsooned Malabar AA Grade Dutch Market Dark Roast Whole Coffee Beans Good Strong Fl


Monsooned Malabar is our most popular Indian coffee, and certainly the best known. However, even something as well-known can be found in many forms. This is an AA grade, the highest available, it means the beans are large, screen 18 and consist of a minimum of 98% perfect beans. The 18 refers to a box with holes 18/64", the idea being the larger the bean the better the quality.

We have got hold of some Monsooned that has been shipped to The Netherlands, a country with a big history of coffee drinking, their coffee houses are famous... The Dutch company that has imported this crop first started in 1843 so have had plenty of experience and expertise in sourcing the best in the world.

This is a medium roast and frankly is absolutely lovely, it has a chocolate biscuit feel to it. We hope to have this wonderful coffee for quite some time.

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