Formosa Oolong Black Dragon Fantastic Tasting Brew Culture In A Cup Afternoon Tea


Taiwan is the home of Oolong tea; Oolong translates from the Chinese as Black Dragon. There is a beautiful Chinese Wisteria that is called Black Dragon.

Tea cultivation in Taiwan began in the 18th century utilising knowledge and plants originating from the Fujian province in mainland China. Since the 1970’s, the tea industry in Taiwan has grown rapidly. Due to high domestic demand and a strong tea culture, most Taiwanese tea is bought and consumed by the Taiwanese, often making good quality Formosan tea hard to source.

The liquor is amber coloured with hints of honey and chestnut flavours. Highly aromatic, it is a fine evening tea. Taiwan teas are still called Formosan as Sri Lankan Teas are still called Ceylon.

These wonderful oolong teas are best consumed on their own or with a slice of orange, milk is an unnecessary adornment. I brewed this tea at 90o C. for three minutes and thought it was perfect but feel free to experiment with different times and temperatures.

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