Caribbean Island Turquino Extra Special Medium Roast Whole Beans A Wonderful Coffee


All Cuban coffee is exported by Cubaexport with the producers being paid a fixed price by the government. Japan is one of the biggest markets with only small amounts reaching Europe and none going to North America. Turquino is the highest quality from the Sierra Maestra range of mountains which includes the steepest and highest mountain, Pico Turquino at 2005 metres. Most of the coffee is grown between 400 and 800 metres. Cuba has long had a history of growing their crops organically but due to political reasons has never been able to join the world's organic certifying bodies. Organic production in Cuba was originally brought about by the illegal US trade embargo but was subsequently embraced by Fidel's government as an important step towards self-sufficiency and their famous policy towards the health of the people.    

Personally I, as well as other connoisseurs, feel that this coffee stands well against Jamaican Blue Mountain and Hawaiian Kona, and for the price is definitely the winner.

Coffee has been grown in Cuba since 1748, and can be found throughout the east and centre of Cuba and it is wonderful to stand amongst the trees surrounded by 'giant houseplants' in an unspoilt environment. This secret coffee is very special as is Cuba.

Most of this Island's coffee makes for a fantastic espresso but can be prepared in whatever is your normal method. Sadly this coffee rarely appears on the International market, due to reasons I can't easily go into, but if you go onto our website and read the blog, 'Well that was interesting...' you may well have a better understanding.

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