Colombian La Cabana Natural Fermented Micro-lot Arabica Whole Coffee Bean Fruity Taste


This unusual Micro-lot coffee comes from the Perez family business, Alma del Huila, in El Agrado, in the Huila Department. Gilberto Perez and his son Danilo have focused on quality and experimentation, with Danilo taking up the mantle to produce more experimental lots. The Caturra cherries are hand graded, selecting only the ripest, and then fermented anaerobically for 200 hours in airtight pressurised containers. This coffee processing method produces distinct lactic acids that create different and distinct flavour profiles. The coffee beans are then dried on small patio and parabolic beds. The green beans smelt like a dry cellar full of apples that had been stored to last over winter. A most distinct aroma. I made mine through a pour-over and it had a sweet marshmallow smell and quite a fruity flavour, unusual but most enjoyable.

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