Colombian Excelso Selecto Jose Noscue Project 1-2-1 Fair Trade Whole Coffee Bean


This delightful coffee coming from the Capital City, Popayán in the Cauca Department between the Western Mountain Range and the Central Mountain Range, is part of the Project 1-2-1.  We already sell a few different coffees from this Project and like them all. Tranquilino Viscue who produced this coffee, belongs to CENCOIC, the Central Cooperative Indigena del Cauca, a public owned, non-profit economic structure for local communities. CENCOIC has 378 family members spread over 24 reservations within La Meseta de Popayán. CENCOIC economically helps indigenous people with stores, community groups, businesses and the distribution of goods and products. Bucking the trend for Cauca produced coffee CENCOIC has gone from strength to strength improving yields as well as quality and sourcing new routes within the coffee market, specialising in niche products. All CENCOIC produce is Fair Trade, the group’s primary focus was to protect indigenous Colombians from political violence, protecting their rights and providing them with the means to increase their incomes.

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