Ceylon Ruhana District Pekoe Low Grown A wonderfully Rounded Brew Traditional Afternoon Tea


Bearing the old Sinhalese name for the south of the Island, the Ruhuna tea-growing district lies in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. The tea growing terrain is mainly coastal with low hills towards the interior. The Ruhuna National Park extends into the adjacent Province of Uva, another well-known tea producing area. Ruhuna was a latecomer to tea, the first estates opening in the foothills of the central massif, around 1900. The teas of Ruhuna are ‘Distinctively unique’ according to the Ceylon Tea Board, the low altitudes and rich soil causes the tea bushes to grow rapidly, producing long, beautiful leaves. These Pekoe leaves are usually the 4th or 5th leaf from the tip and make for a strong, full-flavoured black tea. Can I just say Ceylon teas are not normally something I go for but this one I find has a delightful taste, I enjoyed it without milk, and I imagine would be great with a slice of orange.

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