Ceylon Melfort Estate Special Green Tea Voted Best Green Tea In Ceylon Quality Brew


The Melfort Green Tea Estate is located in the heart of the Pussellawa pass on the way to the plateau of Nuwara Eliya. Situated 3000 feet above sea level and 150 miles from the capital Colombo, this Estate was first developed between 1914 and 1918.

A modern production facility with advanced Pan Firing and Steaming Capability was installed in 2004, which has helped this Estate’s Premium grade Special Tea, being ranked first in 2008 as producing the ‘Best Ceylon Green Tea’.

The Estate exclusively grows the Camellia sinensis ‘Sinensis’ Jat tea bushes, (Jat means variety) and follows the original Chinese green tea formula and processing recipe, admittedly by some very high tech computerised machinery. However it is the continual monitoring by hand at each stage that helps maintain the exceptional high quality.

The large leaves are of a matt, olive coloured, rough and open rolled leaf, typical of Chinese production. The infusion is freshly scented, fruity and spicy, with a full body and slight tartness. 

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