Ceylon Kenilworth Nuwara Eliya District OP Fair Trade Traditional Afternoon Tea


It has been a long time since we had this delightful tea. Kenilworth is situated in the Nuwara Eliya District. It was originally owned and managed by an English company Messrs Gordon Frazer & Co and was named after the Castle situated in Warwickshire.  The acreage is 603 Hectares of which 49% is planted with high yielding vegetatively propagated tea. The annual production is around 56 tonnes. The factory obtained Fairtrade Certification in July 2008. I’m not massively fussed about Ceylon teas, take it, or leave it, but this beauty is wonderful. I can’t remember why we stopped stocking it, probably just temporarily unavailable and then replacing it with another Nuwara Eliya tea. I specifically sourced this Kenilworth at a behest of a customer who didn’t like our other Nuwara Eliya, hopefully this one will be everything that is being looked for.

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