Brazilian Vinte Blend Natural Medium Roast Whole Speciality Coffee Beans


We don’t normally stock blends, however this Vinte blend is a little different. Vinte is Portuguese for twenty, the number of specialty smallholder coffee growers selected for inclusion in this lovely blend. The average size of plantation is 7.5 hectares, and all come from Nova Resende, south of Minas. Vinte exists to help smallholders gain access to the speciality coffee market. It was formed through the Especialissimo program which has over 14,000 cooperative members, 90% of which are family run holdings. In September 2021, 200 producers from the Nova Resende municipality submitted their coffees and 20 were selected for this Vinte blend, together they have produced a coffee with a distinctive cup profile. It really is a lovely cup, typically Brazilian but definitely more flavoursome than a generic Brazilian. It has an SCA score of 83, is Natural Processed, i.e. Unwashed, and surprisingly all the growers used the same varietals, Red and Yellow Catuai.  

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