Brazilian Samba Natural Medium Roast Whole Coffee Beans Great Value


When Jim and I, a fellow roaster, refer to this coffee as a ‘Dirty Santos’ we are in no way being derogatory. Simply it is an unwashed or natural bean from Santos. The Bourbon and Catuai varieties are grown at 1000 metres and harvested between May and August. Scoring an 80 by SCAA this makes it a ‘Speciality’ coffee. Speciality coffees are markedly better from regular coffees in the sense that they are high grown, traceable, and carefully processed. Once harvested, with the intention of continually improving quality. Coffee getting less than 80 are said to have no grading, 80 to 84.99 are said to be ‘Very Good’, 85 to 89.99 ‘Excellent’ and 90 to 100 rated as ‘Outstanding’. This coffee comes with Cupping notes saying, ‘Sweet cocoa flavours with creamy body, subtle acidity and cashew nut aftertaste’.

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