Brazilian Fazenda São Silvestre Late Harvest Medium Roasted Whole Coffee Beans


The hand sorting of these coffee beans not only ensures a quality cup but also helps secure many jobs. The beans are unwashed and sun-dried, after drying the beans are stored for a minimum of three months and then peeled just before shipping. The cherries of this variety ripen later in the season, because they are located on the side of the plant that only receives the morning sun.

The flavour shows through clearly representing the absolute ripeness of the hand-picked cherries. A well-balanced cup with a smooth body rounded off by the aromas of caramel, chocolate and hazelnuts.

Fazenda Saõ Silvestre is located in the north of Minas Gerais, in a fertile area known as the Cerrado Mineirão on the border with Bahia state. The farm’s volcanic soils provide ideal conditions for growing the farm’s main varieties, Yellow Icatú, Yellow Bourbon and Típica. They are grown at an altitude of 1250 metres above sea level.

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