Brazilian Decaffeinated MC Fair Trade Whole Coffee Bean Good Aroma Great Taste Good Value


This decaffeinated processed coffee has a gentle acidity with a soft and sweet flavour common with most Brazilian coffee. I always try every coffee we sell and this one is a good, inexpensive cup. Better than you will get in most coffee shops, not bad for a decaffeinated. The methylene chloride method is an indirect solvent method. The green beans are soaked in near boiling water for several hours. The water is then transferred to another tank with the methylene chloride which bonds with the caffeine and then is skimmed from the solution. The caffeine free water containing the coffee flavour is added back to the beans where it is reabsorbed. This process is repeated numerous times until the caffeine if removed. Due to the low boiling point of the solvent. 40oC, when roasted at 200oC all the methylene chloride is vaporised just adding a slight sweetness to the product. The Food and Drug Administration in the US concluded the likelihood of any health risk from methylene chloride was so low “as to be essentially non-existent.”

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