Brazilian Cerrado Swiss Water Decaffeinated Whole Coffee Bean Rainforest Great Taste


This unusual decaffeinated processed coffee has a gentle acidity with a cocoa and nutty flavour common with Cerrado Brazilian coffee. It is unusual in that the cherries have been dried on the tree rather than picked and then dried on the more usual patios. A lack of humidity in the air whilst drying is what allows them not to spoil. This Grutta coffee comes from the Daterra producers, we do like their coffee, and this is indeed a good one. The flavour is definitely chocolatey, with that nutty cocoa taste. The natural dried beans are then decaffeinated by the Swiss Water company, in their proprietary process, which removes 99.9% of the caffeine without the use of any chemicals, just water. This coffee scores a respectable 82 with the Specialist Coffee Association and has Rainforest Alliance certification as well. All in all a great way to enjoy coffee without the ‘jolt’.  

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