Japanese Kokeicha Loose Leaf Green Tea Shade Grown For Low Astringency Also Low Caffeine.


  • This is a very traditional Japanese green tea. 
  • The tea plants are ‘shade grown’ under a bamboo sunshade.
  • This type of growing which is commonly used in Japanese green tea production imparts a particular astringent flavour to the leaves. 
  • This Kokeicha green tea has a milder astringency possibly due to leaves being first pulverised and then pressed. 
  • It is the pressing, which causes the Kokeicha tea to take on its unmistakable appearance.
  •  The tea looks just like a collection of fir needles.
  • It produces a yellowish infusion of unusual taste. It is a similar production to the other classical powdered Japanese green tea, used in the tea ceremony called Matcha Kyomukashi. 
  •  As with other Japanese Green Teas it's preferable to use hot (75-80°C) rather than boiling water to temper any bitterness.
  •  You will receive 45 grams of tea for £5.00 

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