Gunpowder Passion Fruit Guava and Mango Flavoured Loose Leaf Healthy Green Tea


  • This Chinese, or possibly Formosan, green tea has been blended with the oddest combination of flavours and yet surprisingly it works very well!
  • Flavoured teas are very personal; you either do or you don't like them.
  • If you wanted to try something different, for a new experience, then you must give this unusual/strange tea a try.
  • We certainly endeavour to bring you something new and the smell from this tea is simply fantastic, the word I actually used was gorgeous.
  • Plus the taste is rather good and to be honest I am a bit of a tea snob and would normally turn my nose up at this type of tea. Give it a go!
  • You will receive 70 grams of tea for £5.00

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