Cinnamon and Fruit Flavoured Whole Coffee Beans 100% Pure Arabica Very Special Best Quality


  • A wonderful, 'seasonal' combination of flavours. The flavour is a combination of plum, cinnamon and an almost marzipan aroma, sort of Christmas pudding meets mince pies. High quality Arabica beans from the Highlands of South America are blended and then perfectly roasted. This blend suits perfectly cinnamon and plum combination resulting in a mild spicy note.

    We are hoping to have this flavour throughout the year and not just at Christmas. Keep it in the fridge or indeed the freezer and it will maintain the fresh taste, you can grind the beans immediately from the freezer as they will not need thawing. I have also started using 90 degree water rather than boiling water, give it a try.

  • You will receive 95 grams of these roasted beans for £5.00 this will allow you to make between 19 and 38 cups of coffee, depending on cup size. Five grams per cup, the quantity of coffee used will be quite personal so these are guidelines only. This works out at between twenty-six and thirteen pence per cup. We also sell larger quantities of this coffee at a more 'economical' rate, the price per cup will therefore be lower.

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