Chilli Chocolate Coffee Beans Whole Pure Arabica Beans Highest Quality Flavoured Coffee


  • This blend only uses select Arabica beans which are roasted perfectly to enhance both the taste of the beans as well as the superior flavouring.
  • The full, strong aroma of dark chocolate is followed by the pleasantly balanced spiciness an exciting first impression. The natural sweetness of this carefully roasted coffee gives a subtle touch to this speciality and makes this coffee a must for all those who ‘like it hot’.
  • The Aztecs were well aware of the effect of hot chilli matched with fine chocolate and rejoiced in this fiery ‘love potion.’
  • You will receive 95 grams of roasted coffee beans for £5.00. At 5 grams per Cafetière you should be able to make 19 to 38 cups, depending on cup size and personal taste. This works out at between twenty-six pence and thirteen pence per cup.

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