Yunnan Special Golden Black Organic Chinese Tea Like A Golden Needles High Quality


This stunning looking tea resembles our popular Golden Monkey except it is even more golden in colour. The leaves are harvested by hand between the end of March and mid-April, depending on the weather. The equivalent of a First Flush plucking and are ‘Imperial’ plucked. The tea trees are grown at an altitude of between 1,800 and 2,100 metres amid natural woodland. The climate at this altitude is cool and humid. This tea is also referred to as Yunnan Gold, Dianhong Gong Fu Cha and would be classified as an SFTFGOP grade, except China teas do not use this classification system. The tea is lovely, malty like an Assam but with much more depth and yet far gentler. As with most Yunnan teas they seem to have a pleasant earthy taste to them, I really can’t recommend this tea highly enough, every connoisseur should have this delight in their collection. I brewed this tea at 100oC for three minutes and it produced a fabulous, delicate refreshing brew. The second infusion I gave four minutes at 100oC.

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