Yunnan Pai Mu Tan White Tea Loose Leaf Rare Health Giving Tea Rare White Peony Bu Dan


A most unusual find; Fuding Dai Bai plants, the specific cultivar from which Pai Mu Tan comes from, have been transplanted from the Province of Fujian, the home of Pai Mu Tan. These tea trees were then planted and cultivated in the mountainous region of Simao between 2005 and 2008. These Yunnan growers have carefully followed the same traditional production that is carried out in Fujian, however the different terroir has given this White Peony a different ‘feel’ whilst still being unmistakably a definite Pai Mu Tan.  We are pleased to be able to offer this rare version of our most popular White Tea although it is still being harvested in limited amounts we are hoping to have a regular supply. Yunnan is famous for its health-giving teas, Pu-Erh being it’s best known, so the well-known health benefits of Pai Mu Tan will still be appreciated in this delightful variation. One of the main visual differences between the original Fujian Pai and this one is the leaves are a russet colour and the leaf petioles are much longer, the taste is also subtly different, a bit like when you try your usual ‘French’ Malbec but this time grown in Argentina.


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