Winter Cocoa Herb Tea Blend Festive Seasonal Brew Christmas Healthy Caffeine Free


Drinkable all the year round but especially enjoyable during the Christmas Season this wonderful, incredibly scented Herb Tisane is a joy to have.
High quality highland grown chocolate in combination with select spices makes this a true indulgence. The carefully combined ingredients include; pure cocoa pieces, ginger pieces, pieces of cinnamon, cloves, star aniseed, cinnamon rods, sliced almonds, whole cardamom and safflower.
According to the suppliers and I quote “When you return into your lovingly decorated home after a wonderful winter stroll, revive your spirits with a cup of spiced cocoa, A blessing for body and soul.”
I brewed this infusion for six minutes at 100oC and the aroma was so Christmassy it almost got me into the spirit of Christmas… I did say almost, Bah Humbug. Having thought about it a little longer, the aroma brings back that memory of being a child and stirring the Christmas Cake mixture, smelling all those seasonal spices and then making a wish.
You will receive 65 grams of tea for £5.00 this will allow you to make 32 cups of tea. Two gram per cup, this tea can be re-infused giving 65 cups of tea. This works out at between fifteen pence per cup and eight pence per cup when re-infused.

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