Vietnam Arabica A Grade Medium Roasted Whole Coffee Beans Unusual


From the cooler Northern parts of Vietnam bordering Yunnan in China, comes this unusual Arabica coffee. Vietnam, is ranked second after Brazil in world coffee production, and produces vast quantities of incredibly poor quality Robusta, sold to the ’big four’, Nestle, Kraft, Proctor and Gamble, and Sara Lee who concentrate on instant coffee. According to Starbucks’ Vietnam general manager, Patricia Marquez, she estimated it would take a decade before superior Arabica coffee starts coming out of Vietnam in any quantity. Arabica requires hard work, she stressed. It is labour-intensive, farmers have to get up every morning to pamper their plants and must pick each cherry as it ripens. “With Robusta, you just shake and beans come out,” she said. We are pleased to be able to offer this highest grade as somewhat of a small encouragement towards the growing of better quality coffee, before the likes of Starbucks start to take it all. Whilst small quantities of Vietnamese Arabica appear on the world’s market the quality should remain high.

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