Tanzania Broken Orange Pekoe Black Loose Leaf Tea Strong Traditional African Tea That Takes Milk.


This is a remarkably good quality CTC tea from Africa, Assam is best known for Cut Torn Curled teas and Africa usually only produced low value tea for the mass market, but this little beauty is definitely able to give any quality Assam a run for their money.

Tanzania has a particularly favourable climate for tea growing, with two of the main growing areas around the Rift Valley, either side of Lake Victoria to the north of Tanzania and between Lake Malawi and Lake Rukwa to its north, at an elevation of 2600 feet.

This is quite a coarse-grained BOP and when infused for about four and a half minutes at 100o C makes for a tea that Helen describes as, being “really sturdy but not chewy, it’s malty and is a really good typical African, but definitely needs milk.”

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