Strawberry And Kiwi Fruit Infusion Delicious Vegan Infusion Caffeine Free Drink For All Ages


These refreshing tisanes are totally caffeine free; however, this does not stop them being enjoyable! They are made from dried prepared pieces of fruit and all you need to do is pour boiling water over them and allow to infuse for up to 5 minutes. 

To make a cold infusion use the same 2 grams per cup, adjust for taste; add fresh cold water and keep in the fridge overnight add a slice of orange and a fresh strawberry, delightful!

These whole-fruit infusions are perfect for all ages and could possibly be considered one of your five a day. Try turning the cold infusion into ice cubes and popping them in your Grey Goose vodka - you’re welcome!

For those interested in the ingredients, hibiscus blossoms, apple bits, rose hip peels, blackcurrants, dwarf elderberries, flavourings, beetroot bits, strawberry bits and kiwi bits, so there you have it.

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