Sikkim Temi Estate 2nd Flush TGFOP Grade 1 Organic Loose Leaf Black Tea High Quality


Sikkim is the area north of Darjeeling, situated between the countries of Nepal and Bhutan. This former small Kingdom is today an Indian State.

The Temi Estate in Ravangla was established in 1969 by the Sikkim Government and is the only tea garden in Sikkim. In April 2005 the garden switched over from conventional method to 'Organic Method' according to the guidelines of the Institute for Marketecology (IMO) of Switzerland. This conversion initiated in 2005 is reported to have been completed.

The Temi Garden’s first and second flushes are generally sold at the highest prices on the world markets due to their excellent quality. Well-shaped colourful leaves with lots of tips help make a beautiful amber-coloured cup with flowery notes and a spicy finish.

The garden has 406 workers supported by a staff of 43. Its annual tea production is on an average about 100 tonnes.

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