Rwanda Rukeri Plantation Flowery Orange Pekoe Organic Fair Trade Unusual And Different Loose Leaf Black Tea


  • The Rukeri Tea Plantation in Rwanda is now able to offer certified organic production as well as it's Fair Trade status.
  • The tea industry has become one of Rwanda’s most important economic sectors and one of the country’s largest employers.
  • More than 90% of production is exported, although most is in the production of CTC (Cut, Torn, Curled); a Flowery Orange Pekoe is something of a rarity.
  • The Rukeri Plantation was founded almost fifty years ago, and was one of the first estates.
  • Tea growing only started in Rwanda in 1952 and there are still only 11 tea estates in the whole country.
  • The tea is processed close to the estate to minimise transport costs and potential damage to the leaf.
  • The tea is grown by the ASSOPTHE Tea Growers Association, each member cultivates slightly under a quarter of a hectare plot which is directly under his or her responsibility.
  • This is contrary to most Rwandan cooperatives in which members cultivate the plantations collectively.
  • The quality leaves are long and wiry, mid brown in colour with a few golden leaves. The taste is slightly spicy with a pleasant citrus note and a piquant fresh aroma.
  • You will receive 110 grams of tea for £5.00

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